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Mu Landscapes


My work with Mu Landscapes is committed to Earth regeneration and what I would call 'natural landscapes' in a large sense.

Since over a decade I work trans-disciplinary and trans-culturally, and spend a large amount of time with the other-than-human part of our Earth community.

In the context of Mu Landscapes I listen and give feedback to endeavors, aiming at a culture based on interdependence and fair share.

Natural landscapes, as I understand them, evoke a sensation of a particular kind of harmony and beauty, emanating a sort of wild, undefinable order.
It is up to us to define in which way we participate.

Mu is a term in Zen that is used to describe 'emptiness' or 'that which cannot be known'.

Just as the dancer needs to be able to disappear in the dance, the one who listens needs to be able to disappear in the act of listening in order to serve coherent emergence.

I find it is time to marry concrete knowledge and techniques with the ability to stay open and receptive.
In other words, knowing when to lead and when to follow.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch for any questions or inquiries.


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