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Mu Landscapes


Understanding Earth as one living being, and witnessing the devastation and exploitation exercised by man, Mu Landscapes intends to provide space and support for recovery processes of the natural environment.

My work with Mu Landscapes is committed to earth restoration and what I would call 'natural landscapes'. I design gardens or processes that foster biodiversity and support the establishment of healthy, resilient eco-systems.

Natural landscapes, as I understand them, evoke a sensation of a particular kind of harmony and beauty, emanating a sort of wild, undefinable order.
Ideally, and with time the 'soul' of a particular place, large or small, will reawaken and show itself.
Human well-being will be a side effect.

Mu is a term in Zen that is used to describe 'emptiness' or 'that which cannot be known'.
Just as the dancer needs to be able to disappear in the dance, the one who works with the land needs to be able to disappear in the landscape.

I find it is time to marry concrete knowledge and techniques with the ability to stay open and receptive to whatever is being communicated by the land.
In that respect, the land is my main client at Mu Landscapes.

If you share this vision, and feel that as actual or future garden-, forest- or land owner it is rather time to act as agent of recovery and support, while appreciating a Japanese sense of aesthetics, Mu Landscapes might just be a good partner to collaborate with.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch for any sort of questions.


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